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Our life force is our fundamental energy; the ancient peoples of China and India used the names chi and prana.

We have all experienced times when our energy felt low or flat or high or racing and just how different each of those feels. If something blocks or disrupts our energy we will not feel happy or well. If the block or disruption continues then our health will suffer. There are many ‘somethings’ that can block or disrupt our energies, such as what we think, eat, drink, smell, hear or feel.

Then there are electromagnetic frequencies, stress and fear, blame, 18260552 - words "i love you" outline on the wet sand with the wave brilliancetraumas or other events that can push our energies out of balance and cause symptoms of one kind or another. Positive energy such as saying or hearing “I love you”, a warm smile, cooperation, forgiveness, the purr of a cat, the greeting of a dog is immensely good for us. Our minds, bodies, spirits and souls are an amazing combination; they are constantly working to correct imbalances but sometimes they are overwhelmed and need some help.

Next time you are less than happy, bright and cheerfully enjoying your life, consider that you have an energy disruption. Kinesiology can play a very significant role in balancing your energies. Remember that energy wins over genetics in your health and well-being and take control of yours.

As part of any consultation and treatment with me you can see your energies with the added-option of the Biofield Viewer, click here to reveal the details.