Emotional baggage

What the mind suppresses, the body expresses

Those past emotional pains such as abandonment, bereavement, abuse, fears, anger, resentment, accidents, traumas including medical diagnosis and surgeries, affect the body and mind.

We may think that we have them blanked-out or have dealt with them but they are likely to still be trapped in the body. We feel so much lighter without them hanging on like old baggage chained to our heels.  If you are unable to comfortably say any of the following things, you may benefit from some help: read each statement saying “I can …”

  • –  Be accepting and approving of myself
  • –  Feel forgiveness, be forgiving
  • –  Accept and give compliments
  • –  Look at myself and smile with love
  • –  Let go of resentment and bitterness
  • –  Release worry and fear

These are just examples, but if you can not easily say them then it suggests that something is blocking from within you.  It is important to know that what the mind suppresses, the body expresses.  In other words, if we don’t release the negative emotions, they can express themselves in physical symptoms.

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