Ignoring the warning lights

27354215 - car dashboard iconsImagine that a red light appears on your dashboard as you are driving – you don’t know what it means but it becomes persistent.

After a couple of days of it blinking at you it becomes increasingly irritating and you simply don’t have the time to look up what it means in the car manual or take it in to the garage. At home you notice a reel of masking tape. You snip off a small piece and stick it over the offending area on the dashboard – result – no more irritating blinking red light! After a couple more days and while running late and trying to take the kids to school with the added pressure of a deadline to meet at work, the engine completely seizes up leaving you with a very stressful dilemma to resolve.

The consequences of ignoring the lights on the dashboard could be costly – and not just financially.

The equivalent in us is ignoring symptoms. Symptoms are our warning lights and if they are ignored the severity can escalate and we suffer more. We all need a few essentials to keep us well-maintained; like a car, we need oils and water too. They are called essential for a very good reason. Kinesiology is a fabulous way to find out what essentials are needed and to start identifying the help our bodies need. It might also mean making some adjustments to our life-style or thinking; as one of our clients commented …

“We either make time for wellness or we will be forced to make time for illness.”

Just as with the car, we benefit from some essential maintenance.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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