What the mind suppresses, the body expresses. Pain is not something to be managed or ignored – it is your body asking for help.

body-painsPain killers will mask the symptoms and can also cause physical damage in the body; you may want to search the internet for the effects of substances such as paracetamol and ibuprofen – it does not make good reading.

So what’s the alternative? With a Kinesiology treatment we look for the root of the cause – your body already knows where it is, we only have to communicate with it to find out.  During the treatment of a client with back pain, we found that some of his vertebrae were locked together at three points on his spine and this related to when he was bullied at school but his mind had suppressed the memory.  His pelvis was also out of alignment as a result of falling on his coccyx some years ago.  After the gentle but effective corrections, he felt ‘freer’ in his movement and not only had the back pain gone but also numbness in his fingers.

Does that sound like a better option? Contact us to learn about some alternatives.

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