“I just want a good night’s sleep!”

It can be hard to get through life without the occasional night of disrupted sleep but if it is more than occasional, some help may be needed.

This article contains some reasons why sleep is so important and some self-help ideas. If you think you have tried everything already, your body can tell us the answer to the problem. During a Kinesiology treatment we will communicate with your body to find the imbalances that are causing your sleep problems.

Why sleep is important?

Tissue repair takes place in deep-sleep; we need around 8.5 hours sleep whereas many people typically only get around 6 which causes sleep deprivation. We need several hours of REM (Rapid Eye Movement) and deep sleep to support good health. Taking stimulants such as caffeine drinks to try to overcome tiredness will contribute to insomnia. Lack of sleep can cause the following problems:

  • –  Irritability, inattentiveness and the risk of being accident prone – including car crashes (which are reported to be the leading cause of death for the under 45s)
  • –  An increased risk of suffering from depression, heart disease or stroke
  • –  A contribution to obesity
  • –  A decrease in immune system function
  • –  Similar effects to ageing

The benefits of a good quality and quantity of sleep have the opposite characteristics!

Natural sleep promoters and aids are:

  • –  A dark bedroom – or wear a sleep mask
  • –  No TV, computer work or any other electronic device for at least an hour before bed
  • –  Mobile phone turned off/on flight-mode
  • –  No late night eating – except for a small protein snack
  • –  Drink 2 litres of water during the day and be physically active
  • –  Practice deep breathing before bed
  • –  Try to stay on a regular sleep schedule.

Electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) can disrupt sleep, there is more about EMFs on the Self-Help page.

There are some particular supplements that can help but it’s best not to guess at which to take; with Kinesiology we can ask your body what it needs – it could be more than just a supplement that you need.

  • –  Hops and valerian with passion flower supplement
  • –  Liver Health Formula
  • –  Magnesium
  • –  Vitamin C


If someone else is causing your sleep problems, they need some help too. Snoring is a common problem to which there is a solution.

Wouldn’t it be nice to resolve sleep problems? Let’s work at getting to the cause of why you’re not sleeping well or for a sufficiently long time.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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