One in five people take time off work because of stress.

Many of the remainder don’t even realise that they are stressed because it has become so ‘normal’. Mind and body is stressed by what we think, failing relationships, job changes, non-stop mental activity, reading and watching or listening to bad news programmes, blood sugar dips, caffeine, lack of exercise and the essential nutrients all contribute to dulling our energies or making us ill.

There are three key risks from holding on to stress:

  • –  Heart disease risk goes up five-fold
  • –  Diabetes, obesity and dementia risk more than doubles
  • –  It’s as bad for you as smoking or having a high cholesterol

Nearly 60% of people say life is more stressful than 5 years ago. Are you one of them?

Not only that, it gets worse. These can also be signs of someone who is stressed:

  • –  Many people check work emails on holiday
  • –  One in five young Americans admit to checking their smartphones during sex
  • –  Sugar consumption has increased from zero to 50kg per person per year
  • –  Caffeine consumption averages 3 cups per person per day

That’s enough of the bad news, you’ve heard it all before. Let’s now focus on the positive. The good news is that making some changes to habits/routines and having Kinesiology treatments can cause big improvements and lower the risks.

“The secret to good health without working at it is still a secret! If you want it, you’ll have to take the right action.”

We look forward to hearing from you.

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