The human immune system

“Our immune systems are designed to heal almost anything.”

When I first read that statement some years ago it seemed difficult to believe. How can that be true when so many people are suffering so many different illnesses, diseases and ailments?

In mentioning this statement to other people I found varied responses ranging from the incredulous and “ridiculous” to the sceptical but little in the area of ‘could it be true?’ My curiosity was certainly aroused and I started to consider it further, to observe more and to read more about it; because if this was true then I wanted to know how. I do have an optimistic outlook and simply believe that nature is the best of everything; we are inherently part of nature. Curiosity also makes me think that if something sounds too good to be true then it is worthy of further investigation.

So what can keep the immune system firing on all cylinders and what causes it to weaken or fail? What can set us up for the diseases, illnesses and ailments? The answer to these questions can be long and varied but I have read and observed so much that I fully believe that if we set up the inner environment to support the health of the cells, then the body will respond and heal beautifully, just as nature intends.

If you have chosen to read this, then you now have an option. You could perhaps respond with ‘ridiculous’ or scepticism and move away from the idea or if your curiosity has been engaged you may want to start finding the answer. It’s your decision. What follows are some greatly summarised pieces of information which I have attempted to draw together with some cohesiveness.

Quantum physics, as distinct from Newton’s physics, has proved that cells in growth and healing mode are impervious to disease – just go back and read that again, it’s huge. The immune system fights bacteria, viruses, destroys abnormal cells and repairs where needed. So what interferes with that activity and how do we remove the interference? The short answer is many things interfere with our immune system, such as our exposure to and accumulation of toxins, lack of the required nutrition, stress from our environment and what we create within ourselves, our thoughts and beliefs.

Einstein learned that it means that ‘Energy equals Matter multiplied by the speed of light squared’ (perhaps you remember that from your school days). The important point that I noted is that everything in the universe is energy; energy equals matter (or mass) – that means humans and everything around us; and all things have their own unique energy signature. It makes perfect sense therefore that if our energy is ‘off’ or out of balance then that’s reflected in how we feel and if it stays out of balance, we feel worse.

Around 5,000 years ago the Chinese learned how the energy channels flow within the body and in much more recent times, science has caught up and proven it with methods such as CT scans. Other cultures also recognise and work with energies in the body and there are many different names given to it.

Add that to the notion that disease is dis-ease – dis-ease within our bodies. In other words the energy flow in the body is blocked or otherwise disrupted. Stress (in its myriad of forms) has the ability to turn-off our immune system. Sometimes we feel stress and other times it can be present without us realising it, this is called physiological stress and it is not until it has gone that we notice it was there. Stress can be found in daily life, from past events, from our own thoughts, from pollutants in various forms to list but a few examples. If we are in physiological stress it is a sign that the sympathetic part of the nervous system has triggered and we are in fight, flight or freeze mode.

This important defence mechanism is only meant to be a temporary state to deal with imminent danger; at a time like that our bodies do not need to be focused on digesting food or growing hair. But if it does not turn off then our immune systems, cells and organs cannot function properly. Cells that are not receiving nutrition, oxygen and minerals fail to remove toxins and they cannot survive in this state. The immune system cannot guard us against unfriendly bacteria or viruses, repair work or destroying abnormal cells. Restoring balance in the body’s systems will enable the parasympathetic nervous system to get back in control and allow cells to grow, healing to take place and all the essential maintenance activities that keep us healthy. Wouldn’t that be good?

Our bodies are fantastic. A fact I’ve come to appreciate all the more since I’ve been on my journey of learning. They communicate with us and if we take the time to listen and understand we can support them when they are overwhelmed and struggling to right themselves; we know when this is happening because we develop symptoms and symptoms should only be short-term acquaintances that come to give us a message. If we listen to the message then there is no need for them to start shouting louder.

Consider what we need – here is a list of a few basics in no particular order, but some of them are so basic we tend to only miss them if they’re not available or possible:

  • –  Oxygen
  • –  Water
  • –  Food
  • –  Sex
  • –  Sleep
  • –  Warmth
  • –  Shelter
  • –  Happiness
  • –  Sunlight
  • –  Love
  • –  Exercise
  • –  Expression

Each of these items listed could have an article of its own (and maybe one day I will write some). Without them we can be stressed to one degree or another. A lack of oxygen would be the biggest issue as we can’t survive without it for more than a few minutes. To use that as an example, some people have a restriction in their breathing which can be present from birth trauma. This can inhibit the ability to breathe effectively. With Kinesiology, I can not only determine if such a problem is present but also correct it.

Why can’t the body right itself all the time?

Many factors cause disruption in our energies, here are some examples:

  • Pollution, for instance in the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink, what our skin absorbs, electromagnetic disruption. Our homes are one of the worst sources of pollution due to all the chemicals in everything around us and the unshielded electrical cabling, WIFI, mobile phones, TVs and radios.
  • Negative thoughts, such as fears, blaming others, envy, suspicion, jealousy, revenge, hate
  • Stress, and in particular, our response to it.

An amazing thing is how instantly our bodies respond to these things. We put ourselves under considerable pressure when, for example, we consume substances that have a negative effect and the effect will be instant. If we fail to stop the offending item by continuing to consume it, being exposed to it or not clearing it from the body, we set up an environment where the body can no longer cope. It attempts to bring such matters to our attention through pain or discomfort but society has us believe that taking pain killers or other ‘remedies’ is an appropriate ‘solution’.

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