Babies and children

Babies and children are wonderful!

Their natural energy and exuberance for life shines beautifully. It is a sad thing that as they grow their confidence becomes dented, they are told ‘no’ too often, they are taught the fears of the people around them and can lose some of their enthusiasm and energy for life. 48829812 - adorable baby boy in white sunny bedroom. newborn child relaxing in bed. nursery for young children. textile and bedding for kids. family morning at home. new born kid during tummy time with toy bear.

Children can be frightened by an imaginary event as much as a real one. They have powerful imaginations and fears can take root that follow them into adult life.

Some parents use food as a reward for good behaviour, this runs the risk of setting the child on a course to be overweight.

Sugary Drinks

Researchers at Yale University gave 25 healthy children a drink containing the equivalent amount of glucose found in a can of Fanta. The effect in their body boosted their adrenalin to over 5 times their normal level for up to 5 hours after ingesting the sugar. Most of these children had difficulty concentrating and were irritable and anxious, which are normal reactions to too much adrenalin in the bloodstream. (Source: Patrick Holford)

The natural and gentle approach of Kinesiology is amazing for children; it can help some conditions and/or problems  if the parents have some treatments first or as well.

Babies and children can also be adversely affected by electromagnetic frequencies from mobile phones, Wi-Fi and more.  You may wish to see further information about this on the Self Help page.

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