Pets love energy work!dsc_5407-2-for-print

Animals respond very well to Kinesiology treatments as they don’t over-think the concept like people can. They tend to be calm and settled while the session takes place.  The remarkable thing is, we can determine what your pet needs through working on you when you are making contact with him or her – such is the nature of our connections through our body electrics. The illnesses, joint pains, emotional problems, food intolerances are very much like we humans suffer.  Like us, pets need vitamins, minerals, oils and more and each animal is unique so what it says on the food packet may not be a good fit for your pet.

Like us, our pets can also be adversely effected by electromagnetic frequencies (from mobile phones, Wi-Fi and more), please see more about this on the Self Help page.

Kinesiology is brilliant for pets and owners who hate vets.

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