The standard approach to illness

This article may shock you. Please do not read it if you are sensitive to bad news about the standard approach to illness and feel free to do your own research on the subject.  You may wish to watch the video from this link:

A gloomy outlook

There is a great deal of alarming information that shows how the pharmaceutical companies view people as consumers and that they have no interest in them getting better.  Doctors tell people they are ill and give the illness a name, while printing out the drug prescription.  The published information states that people are taking legal drugs that are killing more people than any other illness or disease. This even has a name – iatrogenic illness – you may choose to look it up. Apparently more people die of iatrogenic illness than have been killed by wars. The pharmaceutical companies are the biggest organisations in the world and they are heavily involved with governments which suggests that governments know the situation, are they trying to influence change?  It seems that the pharmas are not interested in curing people, they want people with conditions such as diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and others as they live with their conditions and are told they must stay on the drugs, even though the drugs make the condition worse.

As an alternative therapy company we are often drawn in to the world of pharmaceutical drugs by questions from clients about what they are taking. We cannot advise clients on prescribed drugs, only their doctor or pharmacist can do that but we encourage everyone to understand the unwanted effects and have their prescriptions regularly reviewed.linking-drugs

We do look up to see what side-effects are associated with prescription drugs due to the chance of a connection with the symptoms they came to us about. This is pertinent information for the client’s Kinesiology treatment. A disturbing fact is how many drugs are prescribed and how many more to deal with the effects of another. Every individual must make their own choice about whether they feel the side effects are worth it.

Perhaps they think there is no alternative?

A vibrant outlook

The world of alternative health provides many options to help our bodies to get back to good health. Kinesiology is described as the most direct, fastest, non-invasive, effective and side- effect-free approach to healing. Some people can’t imagine their life being well again and this can raise all manner of concerns or fears. Some are not aware of how much Kinesiology can do.

Imagine being free from physical or emotional pain or discomfort; with Kinesiology it never ceases to amaze how much can be achieved. We are designed to heal naturally from the inside out and the top down and without drugs – isn’t that fabulous!

Here are some of the issues and concerns where Kinesiology can help, see Treatments for more information:

  • Digestive system issues such as irritable bowel
  • Aches and pains
  • Stress, anxiety and exhaustion
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Food testing
  • Skin rashes, eruptions or other kind of lesion
  • Emotional problems
  • Lethargy and just feeling ‘off’
  • Feeling irritable for no apparent reason
  • Difficulties with reading, concentration or memory
  • Sports performance or injuries.

This list just shows some examples; if you have particular concerns, please contact us to discuss.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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