Weight management

Do you feel bombarded with so much information about weight management that you have no idea which way to turn? The TV, news, magazines and newspapers are all reporting that obesity is on the rise and the negative effects of it on society as well as on individuals.

Whatever our situation in life, we’ve probably experienced the desire to shed a few pounds and lose a few inches, yet we often find it difficult to reach our ideal healthy weight.

Weight gain can be the result of many varying factors such as lifestyle, diet, physical and psychological issues, medication, metabolism and hormonal imbalances, and each can have a direct influence on our weight, and ultimately our wellbeing. It is also becoming more widely known that gut microbes play a role in our immune system, weight, mood and overall health.Perhaps you are one of the people who are over-weight because you are unknowingly starved of essential nutrients or dehydrated?

So here is some good news, with Kinesiology treatments we can work on the physical problems that are preventing you from exercising, hormonal imbalances that affect your metabolism, determine what nutritional deficiencies are impeding your progress and find out if you are dehydrated and how best to resolve this and other problems.

Contact us now to remove the mysteries of your excess weight and have a personal approach to what is stopping you reach your ideal weight.

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Weight management

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