When a flower doesn’t bloom

Don’t you love those significant moments when you are inspired by what someone else does for you or sends to you? I was inspired by the quote on the picture that was sent to me by Austin Wyse of the Wyse Centre, what an excellent metaphor it is for us.

When a plant that should flower doesn’t bloom at its beautiful best, you should look its environments – both above and below ground to find the cause.

Do you want to be at your blooming-best? Then like a flower you must pay attention to your source of nutrients and water as well as the environmental conditions in which you are trying to grow. Different plants need different environments to thrive – you are unique and what you need to flourish can be different from another person.

To thrive you need a balanced internal environment – that truly amazing place inside your body with all its intricacies of nerves, vessels and organs that are made up from vitamins, minerals, proteins and other essential ingredients. But how do you know if you are getting all you need from your food? The chances are you don’t.

Then there is arguably the single most common link between the inner and outer environment – stress.

A wetlands-loving plant cannot survive in the arid conditions of a desert; the plant would be stressed and wither.

As well as the internal terrain a healthy external environment is also important. What hinders your growth? Pollution in the air inside and outside, chemicals and heavy metals in water, WIFI and mobile phones with their electromagnetic stress effect on your body, to name but a few. Look around you, how many people are looking fatigued, hunched-up, have nervous twitches, chatter or laughter, do you hear lists of ailments everyday – sore joints, abdominal discomfort, can’t sleep. Is that person looking back at you from the mirror?

For you (and those most dear to you) to be at your blooming best, internal and external balance must prevail.  Ask yourself without judgment if the environment in which you are living is healthy, supportive and nourishing? If it isn’t the first step is always to acknowledge it, spend some time with this realisation before you do anything further.

My role is to help people to restore physical and mental health through balance in the body and mind with a sequence of treatments to find what is needed for every individual. I look for the root cause, not to manage the symptoms.  But, the best health practitioners, spiritual gurus and leading experts in the world will find it very difficult to correct imbalances if you keep returning to the environment that is contaminated by a long list of internal and external stresses.  Please contact us if you would like to discuss you being your beautiful best.

My thanks to Austin Wyse for the inspiration for this article.

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When a flower doesn’t bloom


  1. As always a brilliant article that demonstrates your constant desire to help others be at their optimum health!

    I need another appointment really soon to discuss supplements actually as almost at end of the last ones you prescribed for me.

    Thank you Sue!

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