See what my clients say about their treatments

Each person who comes for a treatment has very individual and personal requirements which are always completely confidential. When clients are happy to send a note about their results I am delighted to receive them and they are only ever published with consent. There are further testimonial reviews on my Spiritual and Metaphysical page.

I commonly hear this type of comment after treatments “I arrived for my treatment feeling ‘hyper’ having been rushing from task to task. I am leaving feeling calm and relaxed and much more able to carry on.”  “It feels like a weight has been lifted, I feel lighter.”

Sue taught me Foundation level Kinesiology in 2022 – 2023.  She is one of the most interesting, amazing, and truly inspirational human being’s you will ever meet.  She made the learning experience very easy and was very supportive and patient throughout while providing the best tuition and guidance.  I couldn’t have wished for a better teacher and her willingness to share her knowledge with such passion is greatly appreciated.  The course is life changing and full of so much information which has enabled me to feel empowered and confident to continue with my learning and sign up for my Diploma level Kinesiology.

Sue does so much more than teach Kinesiology, I have monthly Kinesiology appointments in her relaxing therapy room located at her home and if you have an interest in developing your understanding of the metaphysical, Sue also offers weekly Focus Groups which I regularly attend.  Both sessions have bought life changing benefits and are so profound they have enabled me to enhance my health at a physical and metaphysical level and clear any emotional traumas which have ‘lightened my load’.  All of which are so beneficial for me to live a healthy and happy life.

Thank you, Sue!

Michelle Tallett xx.

I was introduced to Sue at a time of great need in my life. She worked with me with respect and kindness, enabling me to have insights about potential ways to move forward. Her generous, spiritual sensitivity underpinned all her work with me, and I can truly say that working with her has made a greatly positive difference to me.
April 2019

I have known Sue only through media and as Biofield Viewer colleague. On 31st August 2018 she posted a photo of a client, showing presence of disruptive energies and then after treatment, all removed.  This prompted me to contact her with private messaging to her. From here what evolved is truly unbelievable and unimaginable.

The support and help she has given my mum (Kamla), myself and my family, in past 3 months (1st September to 1st December 2018) is unfathomable. As yet I have not met her in person, yet she seems to know us and take care of us.

I am a practitioner of acupuncture, subtle energies, EFT and chiropractor. When I contacted Sue, I was aware of her Kinesiology work.

My priority was my mother, who had had a fall in Sept 2016, and her recovery was very erratic, difficult and she was getting very little positive help from NHS. While struggling to get help, my mother had 2 further falls in January and August 2018. By now I was having very little success in helping my mother. She seemed to be changing, as if going thru’ revolving doors and coming out different person, every time. To me my mum seemed to be in a limbo between the 2 worlds, since her fall in Sept 2016. Gradually, over the 2 years, my ability to help her was being neutralised. It seemed that some forces beyond this/our world were in control. That all the symptoms mum was presenting were beyond the medic’s realms and they were not able to diagnose or prescribe any relevant help. By end of August, after her third fall mum was getting worse, and begging us to allow her to start her New Journey with the Divine.

Eventually, on 5th Sept.2018, Sue did the first distant treatment on my mum and as distance work she cleaned and cleared the disruptive energies of our property and environment and all persons present around mum.

I saw the immediate positive effects of all of her work. With this result, I asked her to work for mum and all necessary areas on daily basis. Sue gave us her undivided attention all the way thru’, up to date. Even though Sue never directly spoke with my mum, she helped to clear a lot of her ailments and brought a great deal of peace, calm and contentment. Mum in her own ways was eternally grateful for all the help Sue gave her.

She not only supported my mum, but she has supported all my family members (6) and myself thoroughly, during last 3 months. There is not a single thing that Sue has not found a solution for us. She gave her undivided attention, confidentiality, privacy, and commitment to each one of us; and guided us very sensitively through our very difficult times.

I have always been of the opinion, that falls of any nature generally upset the Human Energy balance, at any stage in life. And they must be rebalanced with treatments like Sue does. However, it is even more crucial to rebalance the energies when elderly persons have a fall. At this time of life it disrupts the Spirit and Soul more seriously. In my opinion Sue did this perfectly as I perceive it.

During the last 3 months I have also inundated Sue with the work of looking after my patients as well, and they all report back to me with their satisfactions, on her treatments.

Sue is an amazing, unfathomable young spirit, full of boundless knowledge and warp speed energies. She is destined to achieve unimaginable miracles.

I cannot find the true words to describe my obligations and indebtedness to her.  I look forward to meeting up with her in person, as per the Divine’s mapping.

Indira Patel
2nd December 2018

This review appeared in the May 2017 edition of Oxfordshire’s magazine ‘ How’s Business?’

Counselling, massage, day spas, these are all more well know antidotes to stress and possibly the dreaded depression that can result but I thought I would try something completely new to me, Kinesiology. I have met several Kinesiologists, even had one as a design client, but never understood or experienced what is was and had no idea how ‘reading my muscles’ could help with stress. So when I went to a Kinesiology session with Sue Southern at Vibrant Lifeforce, I didn’t expect to leave feeing less stressed, in fact I didn’t know what to expect. I knew we would be testing my muscles to gain feedback from my body to discover if there was anything ailing me, so was this going to be a purely physical or quasi-medical experience? In fact it was physical, emotional and slightly spiritual and when I left, although I didn’t realise it immediately, I was significantly calmer about everything in my life including work; decisions were easier to make and there was a palpable change in my attitude to myself, I was more accepting of who I was, including my failures, which removed a layer of stressful internal conflict. I even started to like things about myself I have always hated, such as my curly hair, that has caused me angst my whole life. These seemingly insignificant things to you mean a happier and less stressed me. Imagine if you could be happier in your own skin finally, wouldn’t that take off a layer of stress for you?

Kinesiology looks at your body’s physical weaknesses and identifies the causes and the treatments or supplements needed. For me it was a gluten intolerance that was causing problems with my bowels, dehydration and an unconscious habit of clenching my jaw from unreleased stress and tension. The effect of having my mobile phone near my body was also staggering and until you experience it for yourself it is hard to explain your body’s strong reaction to having it near. When looking at my emotional health Kinesiology session identified specific issues I wasn’t aware of consciously of disgust and hopelessness. With some further questioning (both me and through muscle testing) the causes were uncovered and those emotions ‘cleared’. These were deep seated conflicts I lived with daily but I can honestly say, a week later, they definitely seem more resolved without tears or treatments and are evidenced, for me, most obviously in the unprecedented acceptance of my curly hair and a complete disinterest in alcohol.

I am certainly open to all types of stress relief and meet a lot of people with businesses that offer just that, from reflexology, to aromatherapy to counselling to Kinesiology. Personally I deal with my stressful job by using a business coach to try and avoid being a busy fool, by sweating it out in a spinning class or running with the dog. I am mindful to try and turn off my laptop at 8pm and take my book and escape to my bed or a hot bath to recharge. When things get too much I seek professional help from a counsellor, like I do my business coach. I am my family’s and my business’ life support system and am happy to spend the time and money on any mental health maintenance I need. I like to learn more about how my mind and body work, why I get stressed, what my body is doing and what it needs and so I like to try new things out there like Kinesiology as new experiences and knowledge can only equip me with ways to lead a more fulfilling life with less stress and more fulfilment.

Lucy Lavers
Managing Director
Push Start Marketing Ltd

olly-selways-logoDear Sue
Just a short note to thank you very much for the treatment that I enjoyed at your clinic in Chilton the other day. I was very impressed by the way you were able to effect and read changes in my muscle tone with such small adjustments. It really is a fascinating branch of holistic health and I can see your passion for its power shining through when you talk about it.
The treatment left me feeling totally relaxed and revitalised for days afterwards. What’s more, you were able to tell me exactly the supplements that my body needs most at the moment, which is otherwise often just guess work.
I would recommend anyone who is feeling run down, under the weather or under stress to try one of your treatments as it clearly does something very important for the body and might be all you need to get back on the path to health and vitality.

Olly Selway, Owner of PPCC

Without a doubt, Sue Southern is one of the most professional Kinesiologists I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.  From the moment you shake her hand you know instinctively that you are very safe.  Sue is one of the rare breed of practitioners who cares very deeply for all her clients and provides a service that is well above and beyond what one would normally expect.  I have been visiting Sue for a number of months now and achieved amazing results – there would appear to be nothing Sue cannot ‘fix’, whether it is a physical or emotional trauma she manages to identify the ‘problem’ and over time resolve and repair.  I simply could not recommend her highly enough.
An eternally grateful Lyn Greaves.

Dear Sue
Having Kinesiology with you has been a real eye opener and a pleasure to see what my body is saying to you.I always find it interesting what I think is going on and my body tells you something different. I enjoy my sessions with you and always feel put back together on the inside afterwards. I love your caring nature, the knowledge you have gained since becoming a Kinesiologist and that fact that you always want to find a way to correct whatever issue is going on with me. Thank you for all that you have done and will continue to do for me.
MH Oxfordshire

I would like to thank Sue Southern and the magic that is kinesiology.

I had suffered with a very bad sciatic back pain for many years from falling off too many horses and playing lots of sport.  I have over the years tried many sorts of treatments and lotions and potions, so I thought I might as well try kinesiology.  I am so pleased that I did, because not only is my back better than anytime that I can remember, but it has also helped me with so many other things as a very pleasant added benefit.

Sue, I cannot recommend you enough as a kinesiologist.  You made me feel comfortable, you took the time to get to know me and my life and I felt you always had my needs at the heart of every treatment.  You are very skilled and can adapt your treatment depending on what is needed on the day.  As a client, I felt you really thought about me as an individual.

If you have not tried kinesiology with Sue, even if there is nothing particularly wrong, then I cannot recommend strongly enough that you do.  It is actually, factually magic!

Verity Smith
Internationally Accredited Coach and Psychologist

I recently attended Sue’s Kinesiology therapy practice as I have been suffering with a lack of energy and muscle fatigue. I had read about the potential benefits of Kinesiology and so, decided to give it a try. Right from the off, Sue was the ultimate professional; informative and positive; her passion and belief of Kinesiology was clear to see.

I was blown away by the effectiveness of the muscle testing technique. The method picks up on the flow (or not) of energy throughout the body and identifies weaknesses. At the end of the 90-minute session, Sue had identified and confirmed my weaknesses, and informed me of a couple of remedies that I might want to try – no hard sell, in fact I researched and purchased them myself.

In a nutshell, this was a very pleasant and enlightening experience for me, largely due to Sue’s welcoming and attentive manner – she really does care about individual well-being.
I shall certainly be returning in a few weeks.

Steve Lonnen MBE FCMI

Wow, what an amazing afternoon! Took up the opportunity of a TOP session of kinesiology with the delightful Sue Southern.

Sue is a very skilled practitioner of this genuinely holistic approach to wellness in every sense of the word. I definitely experienced some immediate physical benefits like more energy and a better understanding of how deep rooted emotional blockages can be removed by this method. In fact, some of it completely blew my mind! it was absolutely fascinating and I’m really glad to have connected with Sue.

I would highly recommend her services to anybody who is open-minded enough to try alternative ways to achieve optimum health. Is there anybody here who doesn’t want that?

Thanks Sue and I look forward to linking up with you again soon.

David Perry
Roads to Freedom

I had a session with Sue last week, and I can honestly say it has transformed my life and my body. I really wasn’t sure what to expect as she started assessing where I was holding pain, and her listening to what my body was telling her about my emotional state was startling and revealing in her extraordinary kinesiology talent.

I am a rather complicated medical case, but she quickly identified my severe chronic lower back pain, as well as chest pain that I had been ignoring for most of my life. Not only did she identify them, she has now irrevocably dissolved with her techniques. It truly was like magic; I was so astounded, and grateful to be free from both. The feeling of lightness and being reconnected was also unexpected and powerful!

And the final clincher: I’ve been on two runs since my session with Sue… and my foot has stopped collapsing, which no doctor has been able to resolve and my back is totally happy too.

I would recommend Sue to anyone who is prepared to be amazed, revived and repaired. Just accept the process, it’s incredibly powerful and calming; your body will know what to do; it really will.

Thank you again for such a revealing session; I will do your suggestion with the chest tapping, and see where I go from there, but I will certainly be in touch again in the future.

All my best,


Mel Cunningham
Vivacious Mel Photography | weddings | events | portraits |

Morning Sue
Thank you for the aftercare notes and your voicemail yesterday. I had an incredibly busy day with saddlery in the day and coaching in the evening so excuse my delayed reply. I am feeling so much more balanced and focused since our session. In fact usually after a day like yesterday I would have woken up feeling very achy, puffy eyed and low energy, but I feel completely the opposite. I can’t thank you enough for spending the extra time with me on Monday.
I cannot wait for the next session. I really feel like my body is getting stronger and my mind much calmer. Something else I noticed is that I seem to have more will power and not constantly thinking about eating sugary food or drinking coffee. I do limit myself anyway but the huge difference is that I am not really wanting it or thinking about it. Magic!!
When can I book in for the next session?
Warmest regards,

Verity Smith

When reaching the age of 80 I thought and felt that I was getting old. Looking around at people of my age, and younger, old-age looked very unappealing.But how could one beat ageing? Everyone knew and expected me to slow up, wind down and join an old age club.
I considered giving up the village committees I served on for many years and retire gracefully to my armchair, TV, knitting and a walking stick.
Talking to Sue one day she told me of her interest in Kinesiology and what it does. This sparked an interest in me too and I hope I showed her encouragement to proceed with the training for this. Sue’s enthusiasm for Kinesiology knew no bounds. She studied hard, requested books on the subject for birthdays and Christmas, which she read from cover to cover. Never in her life had I known her to be so excited to learn something new and I know because I’m her mother.
Sue is now even more enthusiastic and as happy as ever, she is a fully qualified Kinesiologist. I couldn’t be more proud. From the start I was happy for her to practice on me and from the first treatment session my spirits began to rise. I am now 87 living my life full of energy and feeling younger both mentally and physically after every session of Sue’s treatment. As for a walking stick? Who needs one?

Kathleen Hall

Sue has treated me with Kinesiology on several occasions and I’ve always felt a tangible benefit. Sue really listens to me and takes a truly holistic approach – I highly recommend her for any physical or emotional issues.
JB Wiltshire

Sue has not only helped me to resolve some of my health issues during the last few months but also worked miracles with my 8 year-old son. She has a special ability to tap into the root of a particular issue and peel away the layers to release the problems that are affecting our health. She is gentle, caring and giving.  I will continue to have kinesiology with Sue on a regular basis to ensure my body balance and would highly recommend Sue to anyone reading this.
Rani Virdee, Kent

This testimonial is about a treatment for a small dog called Chloe:
Sue you have such a calm kind manner which put Chloe at ease. I was amazed she lay beside me for over an hour whilst you undertook the treatment. Chloe has shown a marked improvement both in her confidence and her willingness to embrace new situations and environments which family and friends have also noted. We are looking forward to our next appointment.
Many thanks again,

Lorraine, Oxfordshire