How can you help yourself?

If you feel that there is room for improvement in your health and wellbeing, here are some ideas that may help you feel better:

  • Drink two litres of water per day (avoid tap water)
  • Walk somewhere soothing and outside for 20 minutes per day
  • Avoid watching TV or using computers or phones within an hour of bed-time
  • Make sure your eyes are in the dark at night
  • Aim for eight hours sleep every night
  • Reduce the amount of tea and coffee you drink
  • Turn off all electrical equipment at night, especially mobile phones (or in flight mode), WIFI; have no equipment on stand-by
  • Deeper breathing
  • Consume very little sugar in food and drink
  • Eat 5-10 portions of fresh fruit and vegetables every day

Do you wonder if wireless is harmless?

The wireless world has exploded. There are over 7 billion mobile phone subscriptions world wide. We live and work with computers, tablets, and the ever present wi-fi. All of these devices emit electromagnetic radiation and we are now immersed in it 24 hours a day.

Many scientists and public bodies question the safety of this way of living because there is a significant body of research that indicates low level electromagnetic radiation has a detrimental effect on human health. Over 80% of studies conclude there is an effect.

With a Kinesiology treatment I can show you if your mobile phone is having a negative affect and what to do about it.  If you carry one or more mobile phones with you, either in a pocket or a bag, you may be concerned about your level of EMF exposure.

  • The only thing that really matters
  • is how much you love.
  • It doesn't matter what imperfections
  • you perceive about your body,
  • how successful you consider your career,
  • the size of your house,
  • how fast your car moves,
  • or what your bank statement says.
  • The only thing that really matters
  • is how much you love.
  • Our purpose in life is to love
  • to receive it we must give it.