Advancing your skills as a Kinesiology practitioner

I have compiled a special edition of training from exciting new learning that I have gained from working with energy in many of its guises, in a very direct way.  I have seen that this takes kinesiologists into a new level of capability from an already very advanced collection of techniques.  I hope you find much within it that is beneficial to you and your work – perhaps it will spark some new ways of working that fill you with new inspiration.  I hope so.

The series of training modules assumes that you understand the basics of muscle-response testing to at least Foundation level.  Modules that you complete count towards your hours of CPD (continual personal development).

I have set out full explanations of all the topics included how to test and balance any issues found.  I’ve also shared examples of my experience of working with each subject.  The course notes include all the YouTube recording links.

At just £49.95 for over 10 hours of learning, the series comprises the following modules:

  1. Series introduction, plus Oasis Energy description, method to test and balance.  An easy yet very effective addition to balancing the Eights energies.

  2. Night and day energies, the body clock and over-night spiritual activities.
    Solar plexus broadcast and receive information.

  3. Ming-Men description, method to test and balance: identified in Chinese knowledge this is a powerful energy centre located in the lower torso.
    Also in this module, a description, test and balance for crossed-over meridian energy.

  4. Bilateral simultaneous balance description, method to test and balance.  This is further support for the body to reach its balanced state of symmetry.

  5. Anatomy detail – part one balance description, method to test and balance.  All parts of us are made up of smaller parts, this is a method to reach those smaller parts.  This will include details about:
    Eyes and ears
    Spine and how to work with the notochord

  6. Anatomy detail – part two
    Mesentery organ
    is a key addition to our knowledge about the body in general and gut in particular.
    Interstitial organ described as “a human organ hiding in plain sight”.

  7. Anatomy detail – part three
    Cells of the body
    When cells divide and grow they do this very precisely so that the new cells are exactly the same as the old ones.  Each cell makes copies of all its genes.  Then each cell splits into two with one set of genes in each new cell.  This process is called Mitosis and it is an important part of a cell’s life cycle.  It is not in our highest interests for the action of cell division to include issues that are detrimental to our well-being.  From the perspective of natural healing, using this information as part of a kinesiology rebalancing may be ground-breaking.

  8. Vivaxis energy description, test and balance.  The word Vivaxis derives from “life” and “centre” and it refers to a unique energy flow that connects an individual’s energy field or etheric body with that of the Earth at the time of birth.

I recorded the series with a trial group of more than 20 practitioners and all those who took part in the series agreed to provide feedback of their experiences using a form I provided.  The contents of the form were agreed with the Kinesiology Association as a contribution to collating feedback on the techniques we use in our work.

The purpose of this in the greater scheme of things is to start creating a library of evidence which demonstrates that the work we do with kinesiology is effective.  This supports the credibility of comparison with standard medical practice.


“I wanted to add my support to this wonderful training that my Colleague Sue Southern delivered to a volunteer group of Kinesiologists over an 8-week schedule.  The content of this course is absolutely ground breaking & allows Kinesiologists to work at much deeper levels than ever seen before.  If we as Kinesiologists are to continue be the pioneers of Energy Healing it is paramount for this level of learning to be available to all Diploma & Practitioner qualified Kinesiologists.”

“This information is wonderful and I am loving it … had my first kinesiology client yesterday in a long time so I am hoping to use some or all of these techniques as it all picks up 🤞”

“Module 4, Bilateral Simultaneous testing – that was fabulous – such wonderful techniques and ideas that you are sharing.   I was actually testing myself as we were going along once I got the hang of what you were describing.  And done some work on some interesting bilateral anomalies!  Will note them down in a bit so I do not forget.  Many thanks.”       Tracey Chaplin

“I would def recommend all this to other kinesiologists.  I personally find the way you teach very calm clear and easy to understand with amazing notes and attention to detail.   I wish you had taught me for my other courses!!  Thank you so much again for your generosity and skill in sharing all that you are discovering!  You are amazing.”    Daynna

“Sue, your work continues to blow me away!!!  I am grateful for you sharing with us … a very much appreciated.  I feel I need some running through of stuff and the techniques to get it to stick … but particularly blown away by the difference between the day and night energies.  I’ve been saying wow!! too many times as I’m seeing weaknesses strengthen so easily!!!  I love this work and am grateful every day to be part of it.”     Wendy Graham

“You are doing amazing work and I am forever in awe of what you do and how you do it.   Thank you for including me.”     Jo Holloway