Kinesiology Foundation Course

Would you like a new perspective on how your body works? When people start to see how the body and mind are beautifully intertwined and operate with electrical impulses they ask “why isn’t this taught in schools?” It is an interesting question but just because it isn’t, doesn’t stop you from learning how the ancient knowledge, combined with scientifically proven and repeatable results, works together naturally in Kinesiology.

The Foundation course is the entry point for learning this marvellous subject. The course is suitable for those wanting to understand and work with the natural capability of the body to heal and be well. It is open to everyone of 18 years or older.

I recommend however, that you do not enrol for the course if you are already studying another topic, or if you are finding life to be very stressful at the moment. As soon as you feel these stages have passed, then please get in touch.

I am unfortunately unable to provide adequate access for people in wheel-chairs.

I am an accredited tutor for the Kinesiology Association (KA).

Watch the video below to see what some previous students have said about their Kinesiology training:

Where and when is the Foundation course?

The venue is the beautiful Oxfordshire village of Chilton (OX11), a short distance from the A34 with free parking directly outside.

The next course will run on the following dates from 9:30 am – 5:00 pm each day.  To enroll or to register your interest, please click here.

Module 1 – Sunday/Monday 10/11th September 2023

Module 2 – Friday/Saturday 13/14th October

Module 3 – Monday/Tuesday 6/7th November

Module 4 – Monday/Tuesday 4/5th December,

Break for Christmas and New Year

Module 5 – Sunday/Monday 7/8th January 2024

Module 6 – Sunday/Monday 4/5th February 2024

If you can’t make the dates listed but would be interested in joining a future Foundation Course, please contact me.

Click the button for the Contact Us form to send your booking request.

How much does the course cost?

The price is £1,395. This price is set by the Kinesiology Association (KA) and is the same for all KA Foundation courses that are run in the UK.

All that is needed to enrol on the course is a deposit of £348, with the balance of £1,047 payable no later than 2 weeks before the start of the first module.  I teach small groups of a minimum and maximum of four students, so your confirmed booking ensures that the course is viable to run and it shows your commitment to continue through all the modules.  As a result, no refund is possible if you decide not to continue once you have started the course.

What is included in your Foundation Course?

To suit varying learning styles we use explanatory sessions, demonstrations and hands-on practice.  You will be learning a wide range of techniques over the six modules.  This course gives you a recognised completion certificate accredited by our professional KA body. The course provides thorough and professional training of over 40 approved muscle tests and the associated energy systems of the body in line with the natural body-clock function.  You will also learn other important techniques and protocols (see the list below).

Your learning will include how to correct imbalances and a wide range of safe techniques, such as detecting dehydration and improving concentration.

During the six modules you will have:

  • 12 full days of classroom training
  • 126-page colour Kinesiology Muscle Book
  • 185-page colour Foundation Techniques book
  • One-to-one training
  • Water and refreshments throughout the training weekends
  • Access to online support
  • Foundation level membership of the Kinesiology Association for 12 months
  • Tutor reviewed case studies
  • Multiple choice test and a practical assessment at the end of the course
  • Regular KA newsletters / updates

This video shows the course materials that all students will receive.

Your learning will be enjoyable and easy to understand.  Everything that is taught has been researched and proven over many years to be reproducible.  Kinesiology is a safe, effective, non-invasive, natural and complete complementary therapy.  An additional benefit of the classroom training is the hands-on practice with the other students, the shared knowledge with each other and the friendships that are formed with like-minded people.

Here are some of the techniques you will learn in the classes:

  • Simple accurate muscle testing of over 40 muscles, muscle meridian relationships, balancing using neurolymphatic massage, nutrition, acupressure and holding contact points
  • Linking together biochemical, emotional, energetic and structural balancing aspects
  • Emotional stress release
  • Basic food sensitivity testing and nutritional testing to find vitamin and mineral needs
  • How to help someone who is stressed
  • Cross-crawl for coordination, left/right brain integration, memory and helping lymph flow
  • Lazy eights and writing, visual inhibition and unfurling ears to improve creativity, writing, see and hear more easily
  • Diaphragmatic breathing for more energy
  • Surrogate testing for helping babies and the elderly
  • Basic principles of the 14 meridians, meridian energy flows and the associated organs
  • Meridian energy flushing and balancing, figure of eight energies
  • Muscle, meridian and organ correlations
  • Gait energy balancing
  • How to assess and balance the emotions
  • How to help someone with phobias
  • Breast decongestion technique for lumps and tender areas
  • Pain dispersal with ESR and tissue memory scanning
  • Postural analysis, pain release and control
  • Balancing ‘in the mode’
  • How to find connections and prioritise imbalances, basic hand modes
  • Testing for dehydration and its relation to backache
  • How to help backache and relieve lumbar pain
  • Relieve muscle cramps
  • Pulse synchronization to remove compensations
  • Clearing limiting self-talk and raising self-esteem
  • Balancing using affirmations and many other techniques

You are required to finish all six modules, the homework assignments, attain a pass mark on the multiple-choice test paper and a practical observed assessment to be awarded your course completion certificate.

How can I enrol for the course?

Please contact us with your name, address and contact details. Full joining instructions will be sent on receipt of your payment or deposit.  You will receive an acknowledgement of your booking.  Please feel free to ask if you have a query that is not answered on this page.

I look forward to hearing from you and working with you on the Foundation Course.

Click the button for the Contact Us form to send your booking request.

Why learn Kinesiology?

Perhaps you want to learn how to communicate with the body through its natural muscle response ability to help friends and family?  Maybe you plan to pursue your studies and become a professional Kinesiology practitioner.  Many people find that their own health issues improve during the course through the benefit of being worked-on by fellow students.

Whatever your reason, this is the perfect place to start.

What others say about having learned Kinesiology

“This is a truly wonderful kinesiology foundation course, and I am so grateful to have been a part of it!

Sue has a great love and talent for energy work and this really shines through the course, making the offering quite unique. Sue also runs optional metaphysical focus groups outside of the course, which complemented my learning beautifully.

Sue holds the space perfectly, with small numbers and a lovely setting. Throughout the course, we were introduced to previous course members, helping us to build a new community of like-minded professionals. I can truly say that I’ve met friends for life.

The course is fast paced – Sue is very thorough in her teaching and there is a lot of information to digest at each module. You should also be prepared to go on a deep personal healing journey as the course progresses. For me, this was the huge unexpected benefit of working with Sue, and I know that this will make me a better practitioner in the long term.”    Sarah B

“Thank you for all your teaching, guidance and support.  It’s made learning a lot easier.  I’m forever grateful and look forward to continuing my journey.”    Michelle

“Thank you so much Sue for your excellent classes and for highlighting the specific importance of the emotional realm – this has been invaluable.  I have had so much success already with all of my patients.”   Mara

“Day after day on the course, we learned amazing things, I’ve never said ‘wow’ so often about anything else, ever!”

“I am about to go into my final module (Module 6 of the Foundation course) and final assessment this weekend with Sue and the other trainees and I am feeling sad. I cannot put into words just how much I have enjoyed this course and meeting Sue and the other ladies and how much I will miss them. I also cannot believe how much I have learnt in these 6 months and I’m looking forward to putting my new skills into practice. My confidence has been building after each module and doing treatments on people as part of our monthly homework assignments.

During our practice sessions in class as we worked on each other, there was a lot of healing that took place and I honestly feel like I am leaving this course a better, more confident, calm and capable person. I am truly grateful for that – it has been a significant milestone in my healing journey.

Not only is Sue funny, warm and kind, she is very professional and made sure we got through the syllabus every weekend of the course even though often we would go a little “off piste” as she showed us some of the techniques that were more spiritual and esoteric (which I absolutely LOVED). Sue is also going through a tough time and yet she has not allowed that to affect the training.

I highly recommend taking the Foundation Course with Sue. She is quite simply BRILLIANT.”  Ana Pedro

“I had no idea when I signed up for the foundation course with Sue, that it was going to be so amazing.  What we are learning is mind-blowing.  Sue is truly gifted and inspiring – her knowledge is incredible.  It has also been so wonderful to work with my fellow trainees, we have learnt so much about each other and supported one another through this incredible journey.  This course keeps on giving.”    AnneMarie

“After having Kinesiology sessions in the last 18 months, I became interested in studying more about this  holistic therapy.

I am now half way through my foundation course with Sue and am really looking forward to the next month’s study weekend.

Sue has a very cheerful and calm and clear approach to teaching Kinesiology. Her methodical and organised way in showing each muscle testing is very easy to understand. She is also full of fun and wide knowledge making her an amazing teacher, and I am very glad I chose to do this course with her.    Daksha x”

“Thank you to Sue Southern for sharing all her incredible knowledge within Kinesiology, life and beyond during her Foundation of Kinesiology course.

Sue is so passionate about what she does – and this shone through as she guided us through the course with such energy, enthusiasm, knowledge, compassion and professionalism.

The 6 month course was held in a comfortable room and was well structured with good handouts and supporting documents. It was paced well with encouragement to ask as many questions as needed. I couldn’t wait for each weekend session to learn new things, spend time with Sue and the other delegates and receive some Kinesiology.

I am still blown away with all that I’ve learned about Kinesiology and also about myself. I am buzzing with excitement as I know this is just the beginning.

Thank you Sue 🙏 I cannot thank you and recommend you highly enough.”

“This course was a very comprehensive and broad-based introduction to the amazing healing art of Kinesiology and I would recommend it to anyone interested in learning more on this subject. Sue’s knowledge, passion and enthusiasm for Kinesiology is infectious and she was a really thorough and patient teacher.”

“It’s like I’ve been given a super power!”

“Great improvement in health for me and my family and the start of a new career too!”

“It’s opened up a whole new world of possibilities and just when I ask myself – ‘can it get any better than this?’ – it truly does.”

“Like being let in on a big secret! I feel very privileged”

“I have been blown away by the effectiveness of kinesiology. Studying kinesiology is one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

How can I advance my learning after Foundation?

To continue your training beyond Foundation level, further information on Diploma level training can be found on the KA website.

What further reading would you recommend on the subject?

There are many sources of further information that I would confidently recommend, I’ve listed some of my favourites here. None of those listed is required for the Foundation Course as everything you need is provided. However, I know from my own experience what the thirst for knowledge feels like!

The Body, A guide for occupants by Bill Bryson is an easy-to-understand appreciation of anatomy and function of the body 

Metaphysical Anatomy, your body is talking, are you listening by Evette Rose is an excellent reference book which shows the power of emotions on the body and its health

Energy Medicine: How to use your body’s energies for optimum health and vitality
by Donna Eden and David Feinstein

Heal Your Body: The Mental Causes for Physical Illness and the Metaphysical Way to Overcome Them
by Louise Hay

The Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto

The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles by Bruce H. Lipton

Power vs. Force by David R. Hawkins M.D. Ph.D.

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a powerful natural health care practice that treats every aspect of a person. For more about the history of Kinesiology and a short explanatory video, please click on this link.

Using muscle testing as a language for communicating with the body, we can discover what it needs to repair, heal or just stay well. We can identify and fix imbalances in the body’s finely connected systems, bringing the whole person-body and mind – into harmonious balance. A wide range of conditions can find improvement with Kinesiology treatments.

Muscle testing is not about determining the strength of a person; only very gentle pressure is applied to feel if the response is locked, spongy or unlocked. Each response tells us something of the state of the body and its related electrical circuitry. The biofeedback response is used to determine many things such as food intolerance, nutritional shortfalls, blockages in the lymphatic system and emotional problems that are causing disruptions. The emphasis is always on doing what is required to make the client feel better; the biofeedback tells us the priority order to correct imbalances.
Kinesiology is a safe, effective, natural and complete complementary therapy.

“A new client came with a pain in his right side that was especially painful after eating; this problem had been a worry for two years. A number of  Doctor consultations had done nothing to solve this problem and a colonoscopy was arranged within the next two weeks. During my treatment the client was astonished at the difference he felt in the muscle testing and could instantly see how the muscle response was significant. I asked what was going on in his life two years ago. A close family member illness had been a big worry. During the treatment the pain started and then quickly disappeared. 

He set off for home feeling ‘lighter’, some other current worries didn’t seem important now, and he was wondering if he should cancel the invasive colon procedure. He texted me the next day to say that he had eaten a big meal with no pain for the first time in two years.”

Sue Southern, owner of Vibrant LifeForce Ltd

The Kinesiology Association adhering to their high standards of helping clients with this powerful treatment.  Qualified to Diploma level in Systematic Kinesiology.  There is more information about Kinesiology on the KA website.

Qualified through the Health Sciences Academy as a Nutritional Therapist.