Introduction to spiritual and metaphysical energy work

My metaphysical and spiritual interest in the energy of people was awakened during my advanced kinesiology studies; not because it was on the syllabus but by experiences we had while practicing what we learned. Gradually, I found out about the influences of our ancestral path on all the beliefs we hold, things that are passed along from parents to children, including but not restricted to limiting beliefs about money, your capabilities, intimate relationships, superstitions and more and more.  Also, the external influences of teachers, government and the media.  Religious beliefs can also play a hugely significant part in shaping the person you are now.  And not just in this life, in others too.

A considerable number of accounts have been published about parents hearing their children’s clarity of description about other lives they have lived.  Yet, as is commonly found on just about any topic, there are those who are convinced we live many lives, those who are undecided, and those who are confirmed non-believers. And that’s ok – there is room in the world for everyone.  For those who believe or are open to the possibility, if an issue arises in your treatment with me, I will know how to help you to dissolve the effects of it.

There have been many influential authors who added to my journey of understanding more of the metaphysical and spiritual worlds.  Authors who discovered the links of these subjects with science even when many of their peer group stalwartly stayed with the ‘familiar’ teachings of old. David R Hawkins writing in Power vs Force (published by Hay House) shone the light on so many topics such as the very thorough research that has been completed on muscle-response testing and his spiritual experience.  This captured my interest and prompted me to start learning kinesiology.

Bruce Lipton set out his remarkable learning about quantum physics versus Newtonian physics in The Biology of Belief (also from Hay House publishers).  I continue to hold both these esteemed doctors in very high regard, it took courage to publish their findings with such compelling arguments. A wide range of other authors and their publications have also amazed and delighted me over many years.

We live in a loving Universe. All of the forces are here to give us assistance, to give us support.

It seems that spiritual matters can trigger a wide range of responses including excited enthusiastic interest, no interest at all, or massive fear and rejection. Such a contrast.  Many of us find the notion that we are never alone on our journey through life, that the spiritual realm from which we came, is always with us to provide support and assistance if we need it, but we must ask and learn how to work with it.  The ancient and indigenous peoples see the significance in the vast topic of ‘spirit’.

Catch My Drift

The law of sensitive dependency on initial conditions is the science behind key decisions when navigating.  In air navigation, there is the 1-in-60 rule of thumb which states that for every 1 degree a plane veers off its course, it misses its target destination by 1 mile for every 60 miles flown. This means that the further you travel, the further you deviate from your intended destination.

All of us can be affected by the same law of science and this triggered a thought about how the notion relates to our soul’s purpose and how we can so easily drift away from it.

I have recorded a 13-minute video about this and what that means to your life from a metaphysical perspective, the diagram shows my interpretation of the principle explained in the video.

I hope you find it interesting and relevant.

What kind of metaphysical or spiritual support works best for you?

Where does your life’s path need a helping hand?  Perhaps a one-to-one session in my treatment room (or via Zoom) for guidance, personal intuitive mentoring, and to unblock the things you know are holding you back.  Another option is to work with me in the Focus Groups (see further details below).  Whichever option you choose, I use my metaphysical skills to help you.  A series of sessions brings the best results; none of us can shift a life-time of energy congestion in one or two sessions.  Please contact me if you wish to discuss your situation.

Maybe get in touch when a loved one (human or animal) is showing the signs of being ready to transition back to spirit but for some reason they are holding-on?  I call this spiritual midwifery.  There is no physical contact with the person or animal, I use my metaphysical communication skills for this type of activity with love, understanding and kindness.  Everyone deserves a smooth transition back to the spiritual realms when they are ready to go.

Metaphysical learning at your own pace

Would you like to learn more about the metaphysical side of life?  Fascinating subjects that are for those interested in human energy work, especially practitioners.   I have recorded the following webinars to watch when convenient to you.

I ask you to note and respect that:

»   The contents of the videos and training notes are the intellectual property of Vibrant Lifeforce Ltd.

»   You can purchase the right to watch them as many times as you like but access is limited to you alone; you do not have permission to share the link to it with any other person or media channel.

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»   Vibrant Lifeforce Ltd makes the videos available at its own discretion and reserves the right to remove them at any time; however, I endeavour to keep them available for at least 30 days after your date of payment.

To watch the series, simply:

  1. Contact me using the form from this link
  2. Tell me which webinar series you would like to access
  3. I will reply with my bank details; on receipt of your bank transfer payment, I will email the links to the videos.

The duration of each module is approximately 1 hour.

Introduction to Lifting your Spirits – the elephant in the room

This training is to empower practitioners to understand more about disruptive spirits and how they can affect your well-being and that of your clients.  It will also teach you how to dissolve your fears and remove entities safely.

Access to the five modules is just £40

Module 1 – Practitioner terminology (with a handout)

Module 2 – Signs when entities are present

Module 3 – What are entities, how do we detect them?

Module 4 – Removing them safely

Module 5 – Connections; other beings (with a handout)

With this subject/series, it is important to watch the modules in numerical order so that you understand more about the subject before attempting any kind of work in this area.


“I did Sue’s online Disruptive Energies course in January/February this year, then her Contacting your Spirit Guides course and now attend regular focus groups following on from that. I found both courses incredibly enlightening, empowering and would say they have changed how I think.

A lot goes on that we don’t see physically and the personal sessions I have done with Sue alongside these courses have led on to new levels of confidence and freedom.  Sue has helped me to address unhealthy eating patterns and relationship difficulties. More clients are coming through, and any other blocks to achieving my aims in life fall away easily. It’s also fantastic to always be able to call on my guides and have full confidence in that.

Sue is always professional, respectful, compassionate, lighthearted, and communicates with such clarity. The work we have done together and the courses have definitely put my life in a very good direction. So very grateful to you Sue, thank you!!”            Hanna

“I’ve always been a bit wary about the topic of spirits & entities and felt it was a bit frightening as I didn’t really understand it. Watching your webinars though has been truly life changing.  After watching all 5 I did a meditation & released on a deep level this ‘fear of the unknown’ that I’ve obviously been holding on to and since then I’ve felt inner calm and the feeling of being protected that I’ve never felt before.”

I have just completed watching all five modules of Lifting your Spirits; the elephant in the room. It was definitely relevant, I was gripped and fascinated right from the start! It will help make my reflexology treatments be more effective and I now know how to protect myself. Your videos were easy to follow and understand, and great value for money.”

Introduction to Connecting with Your Astral Guides

The purpose of this webinar series is to empower you to reach your potential through working with your Spirit Guides and other Universal resources.  It will show you how they can help you thrive and flourish in your path through life.  There are three modules to provide insights into the possibilities.

Access to the three modules is just £25

Module 1 – What is possible

Module 2 – What can block your connection

Module 3 – Obstacles within and self-help


“I have just completed the connecting to your astral guides modules!  Wonderful!  Loved it all, all so relevant!  Thank you so much, I love your down-to-earth, no-need-to-make-it-any-more-than-it-needs-to-be approach.  You are truly an inspiration and gift to all who have crossed your path.

 I resonate so much with your personal experience and advice that you give.  I realize even more so how the guides have been sending me on certain paths of self-healing to get me to this stage of connection, especially the heart and love connection.”             Wendy Graham

Introduction to Past Lives and Ancestral Connections – Fields of Time

Sometimes you have to heal the past to heal the present.

Ancestry issues are very similar to past-lives; energy in the shape of beliefs and fears are carried through the timeline within families.  This represents dis-ease in the personal energy field, the divine matrix and the Akashic journey.  The accumulation of emotions can cause them to group and clump within and across the generations.  It doesn’t have to stay that way.  Our existences are enclosed by an energy field that holds us together which is called the Quantum Field – contaminants and distortions can be found and cleared.

Every health issue in the past, now or in the future comes from a past event.  The only question is how far in the past?

Access to both modules is just £20

Module 1 – The significance of past lives & ancestry

Module 2 – Related health issues

To gain further understanding of the significance of past lives, I recommended reading Dr Brian Weiss titles Same Soul, Many Bodies, and/or Many Lives, Many Masters.

Focus Groups – circles of healing

Focus Groups are circles of healing where I use my metaphysical skills to help others to open a more free-flowing life and their personal treasure chests of skills.  The groups are beautiful, cooperative, collaborative and noncompetitive.

You are a treasure chest of jewels and gifts that is waiting to be opened.  Everyone is gifted, but some people never open their package.  You are SO significant and more gifted and needed than you may believe.

When you release the debris of uncomfortable feelings and emotions, it places you in a better position to expand your energetic capacity.  Persistently working to clear suppressed/repressed states, gives you access to higher clarity and functioning in day-to-day life.  At those times when you find yourself faced with a series of opportunities that are brilliantly disguised as impossible situations, this is a sign that you have things to clear from your energy.

The more we clear and clean the accumulated debris from our energy and life, the more we find the beautiful flow.  The debris takes the shape of lacking self-love, self-esteem, self-appreciation, self-confidence and the harbouring of fear, guilt, grief, anger, anxiety and so much more.  Every week the Focus Group is different from the last but they are always amazing.

Additional benefits come from working as a group; in the years I have been running Focus Groups the learning about how the energies of people will happily support each other has led me to conclude that this is how we work naturally.  The more you join the group, the more the benefit you gain.

When, where are the Focus Groups and what do they cost?

I run two live on-line (via Zoom) Focus Groups every week for just £15 per person per session.  One is for New Starters, the other is for advanced energy workers who are familiar with the approach I teach. Each Focus Group is 1hr 15m and a safe haven for deep-dives into energy issues that create blockages in the flow of life.

One session per month is working with Spirit Guides – the Guides love to work with us as they have so few opportunities to do so.

If you love all things metaphysical, you can also find me on Facebook ‘Connecting with your Astral Guides & Intuitive Insights’.  This is a private group where I share a summary of every Focus Group and so much more.

Contact us about Focus Groups.

Using my metaphysical skills to unlock your treasure chest of skills, I call upon numerous resources to show us the energy to clear.  This is an example of some guidance I shared with a group:

“To grow the understanding about capability and why we have it; capability is, in itself, a gift – to what extent we open it and test it, is a choice.  We encourage you to open it wider (this is what we worked on in the group).  To use one’s capability is to allow it to grow and flourish and be seen by others.  This is key to further growth in capability.  The removal of the inhibitors is crucial therefore to this growth.  We can see further inhibitors to unplug now.”


“I have now known Sue Southern for over 5 years and worked with her almost every week doing the Focus Group and Client sessions.  She is endowed with very special abilities.  She can connect with the energies on the subtle spectrum and receives the knowledge, messages and learning, which she shares with her colleagues.  Her ability of Claire-audience always amazes me.  She has brilliant gifts and skills that she shares with all that seek help and guidance from her.

I have been a qualified practitioner for over 48 years helping clients with my Mind/ Body / Spirit balancing. For 43 years, I worked most of the time by observing the results on my clients healing.  I had no contact with any other practitioner, who worked or understood my working methods.  I had no specific Metaphysical vocabulary, except the feel and sensation of it all working in helpful ways. Now over the last 5 years with all the Learning I have gained from Sue, due to her Claire audience, has given me a much deeper understanding of what exactly is going on during my work with my clients.  I am truly grateful, to Sue and  ‘All That Is’, for having been connected to the like-minded persons, through the Focus Groups that she has created.  Over the 5 years Sue has helped, not only me but also many of my family members, friends and my clients. All of them have gained great benefits in turning their lives around.  Sue, with her many skills and gifts is also a brilliant teacher, who tailors it to each individuals needs.

I am in awe of her work and guidance on the possibilities of Metaphysical Energy Healing. The messages she conveys through her Claire-audience ability, are truly amazing.  Sue my true and utter gratitude for your friendship.”     Dr. Indira Patel

“A big thank you for these wonderful meetings.  I had no idea what a positive difference they would be with such encouragement, learning, understanding and development.  Such gratitude.”      Julie Fitch

“Just wanted to say thank you for this morning’s Focus Group session.  I have given a client reiki this afternoon and it’s been off the scale!  It’s been transmuting for months but really noticeable shift today.”     Lexie Wrightson

“I’ve been attending Sue’s focus groups since she started them in early 2019, it has been one of my best investments of time, and use of energy in practicing between group meetings.  My progress with my own personal healing has also come a long way.  Very grateful to you Sue and all who attend the groups.”       Hanna Sharpe

“Thanks Sue for sharing all these wonderful gifts with us, so we may explore, clear and expand our own potential and in doing so be able to then share with others.  I use this technique such a lot with all sorts of things, it’s a revelation!! ”     Val Payne

Sue’s reply:  Hi Val, thank you so much for sharing your success in using ‘Show Me The Energy’ (SMTE) technique. I am very impressed that you have used the method and shifted the significant block that was preventing you swimming further than 200m resulting in swimming 1200m the very next day!

Amazingly wonderful!  Not content to stop there, you repeated SMTE technique and went on to swim six kilometers!!!  While on a roll, you went further with SMTE to find what was preventing you finding your perfect car – ping! Your perfect set of new wheels revealed itself!

“I wanted to publicly thank Sue Southern for all her work both individually and with the group.  I’d been struggling, so had a couple of sessions with Sue.  This Friday I worked jointly remotely with a cranial osteopath on one of my clients. The treatment was phenomenal. I was guided to areas to treat, she could see the pattern in the child, we worked synergistically to clear transgenerational trauma.  It was unbelievable and all because of Sue.  Thank you 🙏”       Annette Hornby

“I’ve found working as a group hugely beneficial as it has allowed me to watch and learn how Sue communicates with her guides and also with the parts of us that need healing.”       Debbie Edgcombe

“I thoroughly enjoy working as a group.  The other women are amazing and it’s been fascinating and reassuring to witness both their struggles – many are similar to my own – and see their progress, which motivates me.  I like feeling part of something and seeing Sue practice with calm self-assuredness and great humour has boosted my confidence to work on myself.  I’m getting good results and learning so much.  Working as a group also makes it realistically affordable and possible to commit to longer term work.”    Catherine Bowen

Thank you Sue, I really appreciate you, your consistency, the excitement you bring to spiritual personal work and your gifts for helping us open, trust and use our own unique gifts. The expansions I have experienced since meeting you in Jan 2019 have been life changing to say the very least! You have taught me so much and I’m excited to see where this spiritual journey takes us all next.

I have lots of new friends thanks to this group, and working with you has completely changed how I help people in my treatment sessions. I’m more confident in my business, relationships and in all aspects of life. I feel supported for the first time in my life, and that I can relax into that. All this is why I attend as many focus groups as I can.

You and the people I have met while working with you so far mean so much to me.  So much love and hundreds of hugs.     Hanna Sharpe

“In the last 2 sessions, somehow all the issues that I am thinking of get covered. It is amazing!!!!  As such I can’t put any words to my progress, but do notice my ways of approaching each day is changing for the better.  Even though I can’t consciously say that I hear my Guides yet, I seem to find that something is definitely driving me to do the things that I do.”      Dr. Indira Patel

“I would just like to thank Sue Southern and all members of Focus Groups and all the guides and wonderful energies that work with us.  I can’t remember how long I have been part of the group but I know I was introduced by a friend and I can’t thank her enough. 

I’ve been through so much darkness and never really valued myself or known how to.  My healing journey and FG has helped me to connect to who ‘ I am’ , I look back and I cannot connect to the darkness that once consumed me.  I want to be of service to even start the first spark of helping people to realise what is out there for us all.  

I am so grateful for being shown the path, given the courage to regain my power and I’m looking forward to more and more learning and development.  I choose joy.”       Isobel North