These treatments are for people who want to be well or stay well and who are open to the possibilities of helping the body to heal naturally. If you are one of those people, please see the list below, it may include what is troubling you or if it doesn’t, please get in touch, I may still be able to help.

It is my aim to complement any medical advice you may have been given. I work to empower my clients so that they can see responsibility for their own health and well-being. The treatments and nutritional suggestions made during your Kinesiology sessions are made on the basis of how your body responds. If you take prescription drugs I recommend that you check with your doctor or pharmacist about any contra-indications that may be involved with your drugs.

Prevention is better than cure. “If you don’t make time for wellness, you will have to make time for illness.”  Everyone can make that choice.

  • General energy balance
  • Specific treatment for your symptoms
  • Digestive/elimination problems
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Addictions such as alcohol, smoking, drugs, food
  • Low confidence or self-esteem
  • Achieving goals
  • Allergies
  • Weight loss seems impossible
  • Emotional problems
  • Depression, anxiety and anger
  • Hormone imbalances
  • Female problems
  • Male problems
  • Skin conditions
  • Joint and muscle pains/spasms
  • Food sensitivities
  • Fears and phobias
  • Sports injuries and performance
  • Overcoming grief

The Biofield Viewer – making the invisible, visible
Leading-edge science of human energy

The Biofield Viewer is a real-time imaging system that is able to detect and visualize the subtle layers of electromagnetic activity around your body. The images show psychedelic bands or pools of colour that reveal where energy is free-flowing or congested in your body. This enables you, and me, to see where to focus your treatment.  See the example images showing a man with free-flowing energy and a second person with congested energy.

Capturing your images is a fast, easy and non-invasive process, it is as simple as taking photos. Your skin will need to be visible as we take the images.  Typically, the front upper body images are most beneficial for a first session. Ladies can keep their bra on while we capture the images.

The Chakra Viewer mode is a significant scientific discovery as energy centres known as the chakras have been referenced to for thousands of years and are very significant in your overall health and well-being. The picture of the lady shows her chakras have some congested energy which may benefit from a treatment.

The innermost layer of the biofield is known as the etheric layer. The Biofield Viewer in 3D mode makes this field visible making it possible to track even the smallest vents of bio-photons, which is a sign of impending issues. In this mode, images of the etheric field are dramatically shown in three dimensions. The picture shows the images of a client where we found that she was ungrounded. Being ungrounded can cause disruption in the body’s electrical systems and make you feel unsettled. I showed her how to do a simple exercise for grounding her energies for about 20 seconds. The two images shown were taken less than five minutes apart; the second picture indicated a considerable improvement.

See Mel Cunningham’s amazing experience from her Biofield Viewer and her treatment, click here.

If you’re interested in more information about chakras and how I use the Biofield Viewer for re-balancing treatments, please see this link.

With thanks to the people in the images who have given their permission to show their pictures.

The Biofield Viewer is a trademark of Streeter Biofield. Biofield Viewer has not been evaluated by any medical authorities and is not intended to treat, prevent, diagnose or cure any disease. It is used for research purposes only.


90 minutes for first consultation and session for new clients with Biofield Viewer images£85
60 minute follow up session£65
75 minute follow-up session with Biofield images£80
  • Kinesiology is described as a very direct,
  • fast, non-invasive, effective,
  • and side-effect free approach to healing.

Benefits of treatment

There are a wide range of benefits to be gained from treatments, including:

  • Find out the priority order of what your body needs to heal
  • Communicate with your energy to learn what is needed to perform at your best
  • Feel confident, happy and that life is wonderful
  • Have bountiful energy
  • Sleep well every night
  • Easily learn new things
  • Experience no lasting pain
  • Find the path to reaching your potential

What is Kinesiology?

Pronounced Kin-easy-ology

Kinesiology uses gentle muscle testing with light pressure as a way to find out why our physical, emotional, chemical and nutritional systems have fallen out of balance and how to go about strengthening them. In this context, ‘balance’ is a centred place without significant lack or excess.  Our bodies are doing their best to communicate with us all the time, via twinges, pains, anxiety and other symptoms; muscle testing enables two-way communication with the body and if we heed this valuable information we can set the inner terrain for wellness.

Together we can identify and fix imbalances in the body’s finely connected systems, bringing the whole person – body and mind – into natural balance.  A wide range of conditions can be improved with Kinesiology treatments.

We are bombarded by health information from many sources on a daily basis and it can be hard to know who or what to believe; Kinesiology provides information about what is right for you not based on averages or statistics. The emphasis is always on doing what is required to make you feel better.

This method is described as very direct, fast, non-invasive, effective and side-effect-free approach to healing.

Kinesiology can help to find the root cause of symptoms and:

  • Increase energy and vitality
  • Support the body so it can prevent illness
  • Release negative thinking or behaviour patterns
  • Overcome fears and worries
  • Increase confidence and self-esteem
  • Sharpen mental focus
  • Manage sports performance
  • Improve relationships at home or work
  • Develop your abilities

If you want to be free from symptoms and drugs then Kinesiology may be just what you need.

Call now or send an email to make an appointment.

Show me the science

Some say it’s magic, but we know it’s science.   We are naturally designed to heal from the inside out, from the top down.  Our immune systems are capable of healing just about anything, but sometimes they need some help and with Kinesiology we can determine what that help is and provide it. Our bodies can heal if we notice the messages they convey to us and respond appropriately; the messages are called symptoms.

Click here to read more

In his ground breaking work published in The Biology of Belief, Dr Bruce Lipton emphasises the fact that our environment (which largely shapes emotions) affects our DNA.  He has challenged modern medicine due to its failure to consider the latest discoveries concerning how environmental signals select, modify and regulate gene activity and the behaviour of our cells; this is called epigenetics.

Even with billions spent on the Human Genome Project to outline every single possible gene-controlled disease, the philosophy is no closer to understanding how perfectly good genes could turn into cancerous ones, and how someone with a predisposition for cancer from several generations could overcome it, simply by changing their emotional outlook.

With this new wisdom we now understand that each and every cell is like its own self-powered microprocessor. The cells take in signals from our subtle experiences, for example our joy of a flower blooming, or the perfect sunset, as equally as our shame over failing a test or saying something unkind to a loved one in a flashing moment of anger.

As Bruce Lipton explains, a cell’s receptors take in not only the elements of the physical environment (such as light, gravity, temperature, salts, minerals), food (nutrients, other organisms), and life-threatening agents (toxins, parasites or fungus for instance) but also emotions like joy, love, fear, anger, sadness and hate. Dr Lipton emphasises that we are masters of our fate not victims of our genes. Isn’t that powerful news!

With the holistic approach of Kinesiology I find out what foods are beneficial, neutral or bad for an individual, what emotions are involved and how muscle imbalances with their electrical connection to the nervous system need some help for improved performance and mobility.  There is no guess-work and is both empowering and highly beneficial for my clients.

The science explained in Bruce Lipton’s book has many connections with the ancient knowledge and wisdom. Modern science is starting to catch-up with the ancient arts of Chinese Medicine, Yoga and Ayurveda. There was no doubt among the practitioners from history that anger could cause a heart attack, or chronic sadness could cause dementia. It was not unusual for a master to eradicate chronic pain in different joints and muscles, or even to cure liver, kidney, or stomach diseases by addressing deeply held emotions like fear, frustration, jealousy, and anxiety. These feats have been dismissed by modern medicine as placebo, or simply ignored in favour of pharmaceutical prescriptions at most doctors’ surgeries.

Kinesiology has its roots in the ancient history of the Chinese knowledge of energy channels in the body but also modern discoveries of how the body’s energy channels are near the surface in multiple areas and that there are profound effects to be gained by knowing how to work with them. New evidence has emerged that also proves our emotions directly affect our physical health.

Is it time to let go of scepticism and find out if the holistic approach of Kinesiology works for you? Please feel free to get in touch.

If you want to be free from symptoms and drugs then Kinesiology may be just what you need. Remember, even if something sounds too good to be true …. then it’s worthy of further investigation. Call now or send an email to make an appointment.”

Sue Southern owner of Vibrant LifeForce

Emotions and health

Emotions are normal and natural and they play a very significant role in our health, even many years after an event. This makes it important for our well-being to gently release them when they are causing mischief in the body.

emotional-baggageWith Kinesiology and some details of your life history, we can determine what has been trapped in the body; even if you feel that you have ‘dealt with it’, the body may not agree. If you feel that you (or someone you know) are always on a short-fuse and is prone to angry outbursts, you may not understand why, or be able to stop it. This can show itself as road-rage or becoming extremely irritated with someone or something. Bereavement is another example. It is natural and necessary to grieve the loss of a loved-one but if we can’t release the grief and lock it up inside or we find that to think of those we have lost causes sadness even after much time has elapsed, then a gentle treatment can help to move past the grief an remember the happy times.

During your treatment we can remove emotional layers and let the happy and healthy you shine out. There is a proviso however; a person must want to be helped or be ready to be helped. Hard though it may seem, some people are not willing or ready to be well at the current time.

The chart shows some examples of emotional topics that can be sensitively and gently included in a treatment to leave you feeling lighter, calmer, happier and less emotional.

What is meant by balance in the body?

All the cells in our bodies strive to be ‘normal’ and it is their constant aim to reach this state; the name for it is homeostasis. This is vital to life as failure to occur can lead to dis-ease in the body; this word is more commonly expressed as disease.

If cells have too much or too little of one or more aspects, that is balancebeing on either side of normal, we call this being out of balance.

Kinesiology treatments identify and correct imbalances where they occur in body chemicals, things that trouble our minds and emotions and/or physically relating to muscles and skeletal structure.

When we are in-balance, we can be at our beautiful best, life feels wonderful and we approach every day with optimistic happiness.

How do we heal?

We heal from the inside out; from the top down; the body knows its own priority order and it will show us what it is; this is a very powerful capability of Kinesiology and our bodies.

This priority order is seen in human babies, who unlike some other mammals are born without the capability to control their movement muscles. Babies learn to control their muscles first from the head, then neck, shoulders and arms, followed by the lower body. It is when the pelvis and leg movements are finally learned, that the child can stand and walk.

From pain to gain, how does your life feel? Hover over the ‘pain’ box to reveal the gain.


You wake up feeling tired with aches/pains


You wake up eager to get on with the day with a spring in your step


You feel irritated with others and feel they are to blame


You help others with pleasure, recognising and correcting your shortfalls


Your emotions are close to the surface, especially about some subjects


You remember the happy times and create new ones with joy


You carry a frown and have no joy or peace in your life


You smile and laugh every day


You are afraid to leave your work


You know what you really want to do and how to make it happen


Sleep is disrupted by others, thoughts, pain and inability to relax


You enjoy peaceful, restful sleep that energies and refreshes you


'They' said ``nothing can be done for you``


You are determined to prove them wrong


You think about work with dread of another day


You look forward to your working day with excitement and enthusiasm


You're weary and 'off' with constant stress/pressure


You feel calm/centred and embrace new challenges


You feel trapped by life and see no way out


You love yourself and your life


You're confused by average/statistic-based health advice


You want good advice that is specific to you using natural not artificial remedies


You get to bed annoyed that there was no time for yourself again


You have time to do things you enjoy and that energise you


'They' said ``what do you expect at your age?``


Age is only a number, you are determined to prove them wrong

  • Don't let fears rule your life,
  • pick up the phone,
  • and make an appointment
  • to free the power within.


Some people need a large-sized nudge to prompt them into taking action. If you’re one of those people then perhaps you’ll find a nudge here that will motivate you to move forward and live without what is stopping you.

There is no need to make excuses as there is no blame, no guilt – whatever has happened to you will have taught you something and it can make you stronger. Responsibility is empowering and it’s yours for the taking.

If someone has the desire to find out what is wrong, much can be achieved with Kinesiology. Conversely, some people are not ready to be well. They can seem to need to experience a period of illness (but put on a brave face) or can even be afraid of the remedy.  The rest of us may reluctantly have to accept that this is the case – especially where loved ones are concerned.

The thing that’s hurting today will only hurt worse tomorrow if you don’t change something.

If you keep on doing what you’ve always done you’ll keep on getting what you’ve always had. Is that a good thing?

Why are you trying so hard to fit in, when you were born to stand out?

Whatever it was that got you where you are today, is no longer enough to keep you there

You’re no doubt used to the problem / symptom / thought that is holding you back, so is it the solution that frightens you?

Is there room for you in your life, or are you rushing everywhere to serve someone else’s purpose?

Fears and other blockers

There is no need to let fears and perceived limitations rule your life, what is it for you?

The dirty dozen of personal blockers

  1. I’m too short/tall
  2. I’m too strong/weak
  3. I’m too shy/angry
  4. I’m too old/young
  5. I’m too dumb/smart
  6. I’m too serious/jokey
  7. I’m too fat/thin
  8. I’m too stuck where I am
  9. I can’t get over the grief
  10. It’s against my upbringing
  11. I’m afraid of rejection and/or confrontation
  12. I’m not good enough

Perhaps you feel it’s not about you but about someone else?

  1. Love isn’t for me
  2. They don’t understand
  3. They have to change first
  4. It’s all their fault
  5. They told me I’d have to live with it

Pick up the phone and make an appointment to free the power to succeed within you.